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Woman’s Voice will be mailed to a special demographic profile of 2 million plus high propensity voting Republican, DTS, and higher-income Democrat women voter addresses whom statistical analysis shows can be persuaded to vote for the “business” position on initiative measures and statewide elections. Approximately half the demographic is Republican women. Our mailing will build credibility with these women voters, and it is designed and produced by women public policy professionals. Our goal with Woman’s Voice is to lead and also reinforce electronic advertising aimed at this important and “independent thinking” high propensity voting block.We believe our “Woman’s Voice” is very credible with the demographic, and can help make a difference especially in close elections. A lawyer who was a poll observer in Orange County, California, during the 2008 elections told us, of all the slate mailers available to candidates in that county, this slate mailer was the only one he observed a voter actually take to the polls. View a PDF version
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Tracy Leach

State Sales Director

Tracy Leach

Tracy Leach is the president of Providence Strategic Consulting, Inc., a firm which specializes in public affairs, political consulting and issue advocacy. In addition, she founded Dagny Energy Group in 2010, a firm conducting advocacy on behalf of energy projects with emphasis on public outreach and strategic communications during the permitting process. Dagny Energy Group is certified as a “woman-owned business” by the CA Public Utilities Commission.

The firms together represent the oil and energy sector, developers, mining, business owners, and organizations requiring strategic advising, governmental relations and a strong advocate for their position.

Tracy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in communications and has served as a consultant and campaign manager for numerous city, county, state and Congressional campaigns, as well as for multiple statewide ballot initiatives. She specializes in business and project advocacy providing public outreach, strategic communications and media training for her clients.

Tracy is a member of the Alliance of Women in Energy (AWE), the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) as well as numerous business and taxpayer advocacy organizations in Central California.

Providence Strategic Consulting, Inc. & Dagny Energy Group
1800 30th Street, 4th Floor
Bakersfield, CA 93301
(661) 327-1698