Automated Phone Calls

Your Automated Calling Solution

Landslide Communications of Nevada, Inc. is a primary provider of automated call services, possessing state of the art hardware and software that will allow campaigns to reach targeted voters in a fast, effective and inexpensive manner through recorded telephone calls.  Landslide Communications of Nevada can call at low costs to subsets of Landslide Communications slate lists throughout California or to provided lists.

Additionally, Landslide Communications of Nevada has an exclusive relationship with California anti-tax icon, Lew Uhler, head of the National Tax Limitation Committee, to provide these services to qualifying measures and campaigns.


  • Automated Outgoing Voice Recorded Calls
  • Automated Polling Campaigns, From 1 to 50 Questions
  • Press 1 to Talk Call Forwarding
  • Tagging of Answered Calls for Future Contact Via Multiple Mediums
  • Detailed Results Report of Calls Made

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