Save Prop 13

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Howard Jarvis (1903-1986) helped lead the campaign to pass Proposition 13 in 1978. It has saved Californians an estimated $400 billion and allowed millions of Californians to keep their homes.

Save Proposition 13!

The Save Proposition 13 Segregated Fund Account is a “slate mail organization” and a separate fund associated with the Save Proposition 13 Candidate and Legislation Evaluation Committee, a non-profit organization.

“Save Prop 13″ is dedicated to widespread dissemination of information to the public in support of California’s historic Proposition 13. Authored by the legendary Howard Jarvis and passed by California voters in 1978, Proposition 13 cut property taxes by two-thirds and put a limit on future real property tax increases.”Save Prop 13” seeks broader understanding of and support for maintaining the Proposition 13 tax cut.

Through its newsletters and slate mail advertisements, “Save Prop 13” offers candidate and measure advertisers the opportunity to associate themselves with the tax cut movement and tell high propensity voters who care about Proposition 13 what their position is on maintaining the Proposition 13 tax cut.

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