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Grassroots Advocacy Services

Sometimes the decision making process by politicians under a democratic government can benefit from public participation. Lots of it. That is where Landslide Communications grassroots advocacy services can help make a difference. Using our knowledge of sophisticated organizational structures, public law and direct contact means, we can help you organize and motivate public advocacy to help push politicians into making the best decision, and to accomplish your objectives.

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Initiative and Referenda

There are also times when a good public policy idea is resisted by politicians. When that happens, the people of California, all the way from state government to local government, have the right to place a law on the ballot for the voters to decide, through the initiative process, or repeal a law, through the referendum process. Landslide Communications has significant experience in state and local initiative and referenda campaigns, and can help you develop a strategy, do the research, prepare your initiative or referenda, get it qualified for the ballot, and win your campaign.

Recall of Elected Official

It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally a politician’s performance will fall so short of public expectations, that they can be recalled from office before their term expires. This was the case in California statewide with Governor Gray Davis in 2003, and California’s recall law applies across the board to all state and local candidates. Landslide Communications partners have experience in statewide and local recall efforts. We can help you consider if recall is a plausible and necessary reform in your community and help you devise a strategy and campaign to recall an elected official.