Win By A Landslide
  • With almost 14 million pieces mailed in 2012, Landslide Communications persuasive voter guides have a proven record of unparalleled success, and the statistics demonstrate that a candidate has a better chance of winning their election with our guides than without them!
  • Landslide Communications voter guides are among the most reliable in California, consistently mailing in every election.
  • Landslide Communications voter guides are an affordable way to dominate a medium in your election. Slate mail allows a candidate or measure to pay only a fraction of the actual cost of a mailing, and our specially targeted lists make sure your message gets to exactly the right demographic of voters you care about.
  • Landslide Communications is the largest producer of voter guides in California, per USPS Forms 3602!
  • Please use the menu above to select a slate and view samples from past elections!