“Taxifornia” Tax Fighters Voter Guide

Taxifornia mailer 2020
58% of Californians say they pay more state and local taxes than they should according to Public Policy Institute of California. A similar 58% oppose the recent historic increase in California’s gas tax – which will hurt the state’s poorest residents the most. With the highest state income tax in the nation, highest state sales and gas taxes in the nation, and highest corporate tax west of the Mississippi, many Californians are “mad as hell” about the ever-increasing new taxes imposed on citizens by state and local governments. Our “Taxifornia Tax Fighter’s Newsletter” is intended to help our advertisers to plug into this passionate voter block who support lower taxes, with supportive messaging that dovetails on the “Taxifornia” theme of publisher Jim Lacy’s Politico.com best selling book, “Taxifornia: Liberal’s Laboratory to Bankrupt America.” “Taxifornia” mails to a demographic audience similar to our “Save Proposition 13” slate, and offers a strong “one-two” punch with this important voter group.

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