Joel Fox’s Small Business Action Committee Newsletter/Voter Guide

Small businesses make up 90% of California’s one million strong business community!  Our economy depends on small business to create jobs and economic expansion, but unfortunately Government never seems to get that message, and even in this recession continues to pile new taxes and job killing regulations on small business owners and tax filers – a major voting block in California!

  • Was launched in the June, 2010 primary election.
  • Will be mailed to a sophisticated high-propensity voting list of households gleaned from the voter rolls and cross-referenced to IRS statistics.  Then list will focus on including households in the demographic with a minimum of $50,000 in adjusted gross income and which the IRS reports pay taxes 96% of the time with their tax returns.
  • High-propensity voters starting with those who report income slightly more than the norm and above, who have a high rate of paying taxes with their returns, are taxpayers who file “Schedule C” profit and loss from small business form with their annual Form 1040 tax returns, and can be expected to be sensitive to and sympathetic with small business issues, and the candidates and measures associated with small business.
  • Like all Landslide Communications voter guides,  Joel Fox’s Small Business Action Committee Newsletter/Voter Guide aims to provide interesting and lively small business issues content and involvement for the voting recipient and third-party credibility through advertising to candidates and measures.


A Message from Joel Fox

A Business Friendly California Will Return the State to Prosperous Times

These are crucial times for California and crucial times for the business community in the state. It should not be a surprise that the two are related.

The state has been suffering through year after year of budget deficits. The budgets passed by the legislature and signed by the governor look like they are balanced, but for the last few years the budgets are only balanced on paper with rosy expectations that never come to fruition.

Meanwhile, California is stuck at extraordinarily high unemployment. Businesses are leaving the state. The cost of doing business in California is high and the requirements and regulations are burdensome.

Indeed, businesses are moving. The Business Location Coach website reports in 2011 business relocation outside of California was five times higher than in 2009. And, that does not include the businesses that remain here but open up the next office in another state.

With California ranked in various surveys at the bottom in business taxes and business friendly climate, we must turn the situation around.

SBAC’s position on the way to fix California is to fix the business environment.

  • Business should not be burdened with unnecessary taxes, fees, tort actions and regulations.
  • Fees should not be used to replace tax revenue.
  • Commercial property must be treated as fairly as residential property.
  • Workers Compensation must be fair to business and workers alike.
  • Job creation is a key to a healthy economy. Efforts should be made to support job creation and job-killing measures must be opposed.

If we create an environment for business to thrive in this state we will see revenue flow to the treasury and we will have a truly balanced budget.

It is time to turn on the engine of the economy: Small Business.

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About the Small Business Action Commitee

Joel Fox PhotoJoel Fox, President of the Small Business Action Committee,; Editor, Fox and Hounds Blog,

Small Business Action Committee was formed by Joel Fox, involved in California politics for three decades, and editor of the Fox and Hounds Blog, to address the concerns of small business and take action in Sacramento to lower the tax and regulatory burden on the hundreds of thousands of Californian’s small business owners that keep our economy moving!SBAC played an important role in reforming workers’ compensation laws in the State of California.  But with the burdens of costly healthcare insurance changes and tax increases lurking just over the horizon, it is clear that more needs to be done to inform the public and to provide a solid platform for small business- friendly good candidates to advertise their association with small business issues and to help get our small business message out.

That’s why Joel Fox has teamed up with Landslide Communications, the largest producer of voter guides in California, to create the “Small Business Action Committee Newsletter/Voter Guide!

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